Fix the issues on the Internet and wireless networks and rescue the router from misconfigurations.

Reboot Router

Like a regular computer, the mobile router is a Linux-based operating system. Rebooting the router can solve mysterious problems, fix Internet connectivity issues, and improve security.

The Internet provider assigns a temporary IP address, which can be changed during a timeout. If the router misses the change, the Internet connection might become slow. The same can happen if too many devices are connected to the router. The routers found channels with less traffic during a reboot and raised the performance speeds.

Soft Reboot

After accessing the router, go to "System > Reboot" for a soft reboot.

Hard Reboot

To run a hard reboot, please unplug the PoE injector, wait a few seconds, and then connect it again.

Do not disconnect from the PoE injector while flashing firmware and resetting the router.

Factory Reset

A factory reset will erase configurations and return the router to its setting just after flashing.

Do not turn off power while resetting the firmware.

Before disconnecting from the power source, ensure the router completes the resetting progress and successfully reboots.

Soft Factory Reset

If you want a clean slate, there is no need to flash the firmware again.

  1. After accessing the router, go to "System > Backup / Flash Firmware > Action: Restore".

  2. Click the "Perform Reset" red button and "Confirm" on the pop-up window.

  3. The router will go to the System - Erasing page. The system indicator flashes while resetting.

  4. Wait 3-5 minutes until the router completes the resetting progress and reboots.

Hard Reset

Open the enclosure and find the physical round Reset button near the DC socket.

  1. When the router is powered on, wait a few minutes until the router successfully boots up and the System indicator stops flashing.

  2. Press and keep pushing the Reset button for at least 5 seconds. The system indicator will start to flash rapidly.

  3. Release the Reset button.

  4. The router starts resetting the firmware, and the system indicator flashes.

  5. Wait 3-5 minutes until the router completes the resetting progress and reboots.

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