Login Router

Introduction of how to log in outdoor router's admin panel.

After connecting to PoE power, the outdoor router will take 2~3 minutes to boot up. We can use a phone or computer to join its open Wi-Fi hotspot "Outdoor-WiFi-xxx" or connect it to the Ethernet.

After connecting with Wi-Fi or Ethernet, open a web browser, enter the router IP 🔗 on the address bar.

The default setting has no password. Click the "Login" button to access the router's admin panel.

If unable to access the router, please check the Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. If you use a static IP address, ensure the phone or computer has turned on DHCP mode.

On some computers, we need to clean the web browser's cache.

The default URL prefix is http:// instead of https://.

The default Wi-Fi hotspot has no password. The default router admin has no password either.

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